CIRKAY – putting creators in control
Communications, Culture

Set up as a social commerce platform for creators and brands to deliver content and experiences to their followers and fans, CIRKAY on 21st April launched its revolutionary new Fan Pass, a unique type of utility NFT programmed to grant access to content which is stored directly on the Blockchain.

Cirkay partnered with Epic Records, Virgin Records and Eluvio’s eco-friendly blockchain technology to offer access to the UK’s first-ever chart-eligible NFT album box set by The Amazons.

Created by Push Entertainment, which for more than two decades has helped major brands in entertainment and publishing to deliver products and content to fans, Cirkay puts creators in control backed by market-leading expertise in social commerce technology and customer care.

Cirkay is working with Images&Co’s creative team of Kasper de Graaf and Malcolm Garrett to develop the brand positioning, language and design.